svn prasad

This is SVN Prasad, once a Software Developer, Business Analyst, now an active social activist, book lover, a blogger and a digital marketer.

Interested in playing chess and reading books that makes him stress free and knowledgeable.

I believe for every problem there will be a solution which we need to find out without losing confidence.

When I got the thought that I need to do something to society from my end, I researched on the things which I liked to do that are helpful for society the most and then the name BEST DONORS came into light.

best donors

BEST stands for Blood Emergency Service Team, where interested blood donors and volunteers actively do service in helping the needy in emergencies.

Created a BEST DONORS WhatsApp group as single all India group and now it got expanded to many groups of different region each.

award of recognition

Within less time its services were recognized by ASWA NGO Hyderabad, that brought an active volunteer memento from CBI JD Lakshmi narayana which was a dream come true to me for meeting his inspired IPS officer.

I am a social activist and maintains a balance between personal and professional life.

I was a district Chess Player and used to play whenever time permits.

I am a book lover and used to read at least 12 books a year.

I often visits orphan homes once or twice a year.


Every year I used to celebrate Diwali with orphans filling happiness in those innocent eyes that last till a year.

Created BEST DONORS  blog to aware people on blood, platelets, organ donations and created SELF HELP blog about positive thinking, healthy lifestyle and to know their rights towards society.

Apart from those society oriented service,

I started writing blog posts to get in touch with more people and make them aware about these services and associated with digital marketing which I got much more interested in and currently into digital marketing trained from Digital Deepak Program and trying to make a digital presence.

Created SVNZONE blog for digital marketing.

Finally, my main aim is to help the needy with his skills, make them grow and stand upon themselves, improve helping nature in everyone.

“Gaining knowledge is not knowing everything about something, but knowing something about everything.”