Many people are coming up to set up a blog of their own.

For that, they need a web hosting and a domain.

Hosting is the most important parameter for any website to run.

There are several hosting providers and there are many types of hosting services available out there.

I will be mentioning some of them.


Hostinger is very good and affordable hosting service for any kind of blog. Their uptime is very good and excellent customer service.

Its looks are like premium host. They provide 99.9% uptime guarantee with 24/7 support.

Hostinger is a very good choice for beginners as well as experienced bloggers.

hostinger hosting plans

Here the best part is, if you want the best price of hostinger services, you need to be committed with them for several years.

This blog is running on hostinger itself and I had very good experience with their service.

I can suggest to take this hostinger hosting without a second thought.


Hoskarle hosting service is first of its kind from India and its speed is very competitive as compared to other hosting services.

Hostkarle supports 25 different languages but it is visible in english when we open the hostkarle website.

hostkarle hosting plans

Hostkarle has shared hosting, dedicated, vps etc with money back guarantee.

Hostkarle service has very good customer support with quick response.

It gives one free domain, 99.9% uptime.

If you want some affordable hosting service with good service, you can go for hostkarle.


I came to know about this from my friend and I tried this hosting. Isrocloud hosting is very good with uptime speed and responsive customer support.

Their plans are very affordable. They have money back policy too.

isrocloud hosting plans

This hosting is very easy to use, fast & reliable, secure servers, high performance.

If you want good hosting service in affordable price, you can check this service.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is well know for its speed.

It has strong uptime and very quick customer support.

A2 hosting plans are user friendly and they give money back guarantee also.

They have shared, vps, wordpress, reseller and dedicated servers available.

Their features are unlimited bandwidth, free SSL etc.

A2 hosting plans

A2 hosting is improving consistently and providing very good service to the users.

If you avail A2 hosting service, I am sure you wont think for another hosting service.

These are some of the best hosting services I used and revieweed here.

I will update this article again and again.

Wait and watch.


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