How to start a blog? A Guide for beginners

Many people think of how to start a blog. There is so much information present online that confuses many people, to begin with how to start a blog.

Some give information that is very easy to understand and implement it, while some others provide the information that is too technical and cannot be understood easily unless a certain standard of thinking is there in us.

Blogging is the current trending term all over the world. Blogging is gaining popularity day by day and many people are getting to know about blogging and gaining knowledge. Let us know about what is blogging? What is a blog? What is the purpose of blogging?

What is a blog?

A blog is nothing but a personal website where you can share your views about anything you are interested in.

A blog is more like a personal dairy bit it is online dairy where you can store your information online and can be updated any number of times. In dictionary terms, a blog is an online journal that displays our information in reverse chronological order.

There are more than 700 million blogs on the web and the count is increasing drastically day by day.

In olden days journalists used to write news content online to express their views on current happenings and show to the public through print media.

Slowly that trend changed to online journalism and very slowly blogging concept came and news articles are also publishing on blogs, showing public clearly the individual views and their identity.

Then the trend of blogging became popular and many political parties used their own blogs for their party updates to reach more people easily. 

There are many features like linking other blog posts, sharing the content on other social media platforms to reach more people and some tools that boost up the blogs to access quickly.

Now Blogging is a skill and running a blog is similar to building your own house. Foundation step is much more important to build the empire strongly.

Difference between a blog and a website:

There are a hell lot of discussions and doubts sessions between people about the difference between a blog and a website. It is very difficult to compare these two now. Many companies are introducing blogs on their websites as well.

What is the difference between blog and website?

A blog is a person’s own platform where he can post his relevant information and update it timely. For example, a biker blog needs frequent updates about the bikes, in the same way any blog will get updated information.

The blog promotes reader engagement and that’s why many companies started their own blogs to promote their businesses by engaging the readers with their awesome content.

They provide readers with a right to comment and tell their views on their content.

A website consists of content that is present in static pages which is rarely updated.

The website represents a company or a brand that is static and engaged with the users and easily gets promoted but not as much as a blog.

Some elements we can identify and tell what a website is and what a blog is.

The elements are authors reference, post published date, categories and tags. A website won’t have these since it has a static page that is rarely updated and a blog have these that are frequently updated.

There are so many articles written by famous bloggers about how to start a blog. In this article, I will mention about blogging which they haven’t mentioned till now in their blog posts.

Purpose of setting up a blog:

Start a blog only if you are willing to show interest in the topic you are writing about. If it is a personal blog, then it is ok to write content on any topic or about your personal life in a blog.

But, If you are serious about blogging and want to make a living out of it, then you need to gain so much knowledge about the topic you chose to write the content on a regular basis.

The topic must be in such a way that helps solve the problems of people through your content that gets good rankings on Google, reach more people through social media and gain popularity.

Blogging can be used as a time pass or as a career option like freelancer. You can promote other products through your content by inserting some affiliate links that are relevant to your content and earn some commission.

Blogging has become a trend to promote anything online to reach more people in less time and investment.

Many businesses started blogging to engage their customers through updates of their companies.

Through blogging, you can become a personal brand or you can promote your own brand to get loyal visitors that can be converted to customers later on.

Begin blogging on topics that your interest most and those topics are called “niches”. There are many types of niches which I will discuss in a separate article. Based on the niche you can start blogging and grow yourself.

Who are Bloggers?

Bloggers live on the internet who loves to share useful information. They post on topics like arts, finance, lifestyle, health etc. They don’t need to be in one place. They can share the information from anywhere.

A blogger is one who owns a blog and share information which he interests the most so as to reach the target audience. Through blogging, many people can share their stories with people online.

How to start a blog and earn money?

Creating a blog and writing on different topics that interest us most is one side of the coin. On the other side we can earn some money through blog.

To earn money through blogging, one needs to find the topic that is interested them the most and provide information on that topic regularly.

To monetize the blog, one needs to get the google SERPs ranking and niche influence. It will take a lot of time to monetize the blog but quality and unique content can make things simpler.

Some resources to make money through blogging:

Selling digital products like eBooks, courses.

Using the blog as a content marketing tool for businesses.

Selling event memberships online.

Becoming an affiliate partner with private ads network.

Selling ad space on your blog through Google AdSense.

If you are starting a blog for your own business, then you can sell your digital products through your blog.

No need to rent your ad space to anyone or sell membership tokens for others events.

You can create eBooks, tutorials, courses and offer for free to users in return of their email addresses which is one of the best sales funnel to engage the visitors through your blog.

How to start a blog?

Creating a blog of your own is very easy but you need to create a blog with unique name. That can be called as domain name.

Then choose the best blogging platform to run your blog. Most preferable is Next step is to choose a hosting service.

For new bloggers I strongly recommend name cheap for domains and hostinger for hosting.

Once you buy domain and hosting, you need to install WordPress in it which we will discuss in another article about installation of WordPress, name server connection and all other stuff.

You can buy domain and hosting from same service provider also.

Steps to start a blog:

  1. Choose a niche which you are interested in.
  2. Choose a blog platform that is user friendly.
  3. Set up a blog on your own domain.
  4. Design the blog from scratch or with inbuilt templates.
  5. Start posting articles on your blog.

Let’s get on to each step now.

  1. Choose a niche which you are interested in.

To start a blog you need to choose a topic which you are interested in the most. List out the topics which you are interested and start writings headlines for the particular topic.

If you get at least ten headlines on that topic then you can choose that topic as your niche. You need to write on that topic consistently to grab the visitor’s attention.

  1. Choose a blog platform that is user friendly.

There are many platforms that are used for blogging.  We can use social media platform as one kind of blogging platform but that does not give much attention for readers to view our articles.

In order to stand out of competition, we have to grab the attention of viewers through such a platform that which considers our own platform.

The one platform which we can feel as our own is the WordPress platform.  This is the most preferred because people can interact with you directly, comment on your articles, share your articles etc.

  1. Set up a blog on your own domain.

There are many free platforms like WordPress, blogger to set up a blog for free but there are certain limitations on these platforms. We need to set up a blog on these free platforms using their domains which we get for free.

For example, if we set up a blog in, then the domain would be,

If it is on blog spot then it would be This is difficult and not much interesting names to remember. On the other hand, you cannot monetize those blogs if you set up a blog on free platforms. Finally you cannot own those domains as well.

So you need to buy domain and hosting to monetize your blog.

  1. Design the blog from scratch or with inbuilt templates.

After buying domain and hosting, you have to install word press and then start setting up the blog.

There are many free themes and templates we can use to set a blog or we can build from scratch using some tools that are compatible with word press.

Choose the theme that is relevant to your niche.  Make it easy to visitors who view your articles and navigation part must be user friendly.

Engage the audience with pleasant look and feel of your blog so that they can bookmark your blog and visit again and again for more updates.

  1. Start posting articles on your blog.

Start writing unique articles and post in your blog. Engage the audience with your creative content and easy to understand.

Write as if you are talking to the person. Make the person feel interested in your article. Read every day on the topic so that you can get different ideas to write the article.


I hope you gained some knowledge about blogging through this article. If you already own a blog then you have to work on the blog content in order to keep the readers engaged with your updates and news.

Please check our resources section for reference of certain tools that are helpful to run the blog. Write, write, write, become a pro and finally become a master blogger.

Tell us your views about this article and topics required for you to cover in our article.

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