Digital Deepak Internship program on Digital Marketing: A Revolution in Digital Marketing Training in 2020



Hi All, This is SVN Prasad, who is undergoing Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing Batch – 4, going to give review about the Internship Program and you will be surprised by the stunning structure of the internship program and intensity of the learning path.

There is a lot of scope in Digital Marketing career and almost every digital marketing training institute is charging huge amounts for training and placement guidance.

But, this Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing is one of a kind where you can learn the basics in Digital Marketing, you will implement those basics in your blog or website and check the results, you can teach what you have learnt in this Digital Deepak Internship Program.

This Program is structured as Learn -> Do -> Teach methodology.

Unless you learn, you cannot implement and unless you implement you cannot teach.

Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing is a unique one where you are provided ample of resources and guidance to get your doubts clarified, to learn new things that are related to digital marketing as well as our mindset.

The main thing you have to do is to keep the focus on learning Digital Marketing basics and implement them.

Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing is designed in such a way that you will learn almost everything about the basics of that module and you will be able to implement them in your blog.


How I got to know about Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing?

When I am searching for Digital Marketing courses, there are a bunch of websites showing free courses as well as paid courses.

I tried watching a few of those tutorials on digital marketing but, I got doubt that how to implement that skill.

I tried various methods but failed in every aspect. Then I thought to join a course in Digital Marketing Training Institute (offline).

But I observed that the fee is very huge and there are very fewer chances of placements assurance.
Not sure what to do and how to get guidance on digital marketing.

I checked my emails and one email got my attention, saying that to check the link for 25 lessons on digital marketing for free. Some time back I might have subscribed to email newsletters which I didn’t remember.

I just gave my email and entered into the website and found the free course very worthy and in-depth knowledge. Then I checked the website named Digital Deepak.

Then I started following him, attending every webinar he conducted, followed each and every tip of his, because his knowledge is huge and I felt am learning new things every time in his webinar.

When Deepak sir launched an internship program, I applied for it, but it didn’t get approved as I applied very late and I came to know about it later.

After 3 unsuccessful attempts of joining internship, I got a chance to join in Batch 4. After joining, I am surprised that he is making us transform ourselves and making us learning as well as implementing.

In this way, I joined his internship program. If you want to learn digital marketing, try to check his 25 lessons on digital marketing and decide.
You can check online for reviews of fellow interns also.


My Review on Digital Deepak Internship Program:

I joined Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing and guess what, I was surprised that I was able to build a website on my own and

I grabbed some website projects and successfully completed those along with digital marketing services.

I got so much interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and grabbed one project as a freelancer as well.

I got all these opportunities in the middle of the internship program and I applied all the knowledge I have learnt till then.

I can say this internship program is something different compared to regular learning.

It makes us implement the knowledge what you have learnt in the program and makes you push yourself to come out of your comfort zone to get things done.


Structure of the Digital Deepak Internship Program:

Structure of the Digital Deepak Internship Program:

There will be a launch webinar on Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing and Deepak sir will be explaining the structure of the program.

In terms of learning, you are going to get started with the marketing fundamentals, Learn about driving traffic.

In terms of driving traffic, you will learn

  1. Creating a website
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Google Ads
  5. Facebook Ads

And all the different ways to drive traffic. Next you will learn

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Marketing Automation

If you cannot build trust with your users and if you cannot build a friendly brand, then you will not be able to sell anything to your users. This section is to make you build trust and relationship with your users.

Next section is about learning how to do sales. Sales are nothing but selling via webinars, landing pages, one to one calls, emails, online videos etc. You will learn almost everything that is involved in the business.

These sections are structured for 12 weeks for core digital marketing. You can check the curriculum one you attend the launch webinar.

There are 4 bonus weeks apart from 12 weeks program.

  1. First Bonus Week is about Personal Branding and getting your dream job.
  2. Second Bonus Week is about Affiliate marketing and Blogging.
  3. Third Bonus Week is about Digital Freelancing. You will learn how you can become a digital freelancer and start making money by providing freelance services.
  4. Forth Bonus Week is about Digital Mentoring. You will learn how to become a digital mentor and teach others through the digital medium and help others achieve their goals.

Apart from these, you will have some interesting webinars where Deepak sir will share his in-depth knowledge on the topics that are relevant for that week.

Those videos are more valuable which you will learn beyond this internship program.

This Internship program also comes with an amazing community, mentors to guide you throughout the 16-week program and the best part is that if you complete all the assignments in the internship program,

you are going to get all the money back that you have invested in this program.

That is the specialty of the program.

So many people already availed this internship program and learnt and earned a lot through this knowledge.

This internship enrolment is only through application and you can check the link below to apply for the internship program.

Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing

The price of the program will be announced in the launch webinar and your earnings will also be explained in that webinar.

I am damn sure that you will earn more than the amount you invest in the internship program.


Why this Internship program has fee?

Digital Deepak is a topmost digital marketer in India and he wants us to be good digital marketers.

He created many digital marketing mastery courses that are paid and promoted extensively and many people bought his courses.

But he observed that the course completion rate is only 4% – 10% and implementation is around 50%.

Some people watched something on everything a bit and some people are still thinking of when to start.

He decided to make people learn from the courses and implement what they had learnt and so he designed this internship program with assignments.

People will get more focus when you give a task on a particular topic to implement. But Deepak sir made people more focused by offering cash back as a reward for each assignment that drastically changed the learner’s growth percentage to more than 90%.

He reminded school, college exams as where there is an exam we supposed to read the subject and write the exam. In the same way, he designed assignments where we learn about the topic and implement what we have learnt to complete the assignment.

In this way gaining knowledge and implementation will be done hand in hand and Deepak sir succeeded very well in it.

He designed this program in such a way that you will learn the modules of digital marketing, implement them in assignments and get experience in doing real-time tasks in your blog and get rewarded.

This program is an all in one program where you can show your blog and all your implementation is done in that blog as an experience to attain real-time opportunities.

To make people more focused and learn practically this program is designed with a fee and you can get the entire fee as rewards through assignments.

Benefits of the internship program:

There are many benefits to this program.

You will be getting training directly from India’s top Digital Marketer Digital Deepak.

  1. You can have a live session with Digital Deepak as a surprise and you can get your questions answered by Deepak sir on life.
  2. You will know the basics of all aspects of digital marketing in depth.
  3. There is a large community on Facebook, telegram where you can get your doubts clarified and get help from your fellow interns and grow your network through your communication skills.
  4. As part of the assignment, you will get to know about many tools and how they can be used.
  5. You will overcome all the fears you have being social and giving live presentations in webinars.
  6. You will know the value of time management.
  7. You will get a certificate after completion of this internship and a bonus cashback also, which you will get to know about this during the launch webinar.

Deepak sir will teach you how to…

  • Get a Domain, Hosting for a website.
  • Build a website/blog on your own.
  • Select a Niche which you are interested and passionate about.
  • Keyword research
  • Optimize Digital Marketing Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.
  • Write Content, drive traffic and generate revenue.
  • Do Email Marketing.
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Get a job or freelance project or setting up a digital marketing agency.
  • His Personal Experiences and case studies.
  • Guest webinars by some experts in digital marketing.
  • Many More…

I mentioned some of the tasks done in the internship here, but you will get more than this.

After this internship, you will become a very good communicator, better marketer as well.

Just make use of this opportunity and utilize your time in learning digital marketing skills with practical knowledge in this internship program.

You won’t get this kind of golden opportunity at any other point of time.


To whom this internship program is for?

This internship program is structured in such a way that almost anyone can join the internship. It is a flexible program and you can manage your tasks in parallel as well.

You can join this internship program if you are a

  • Student
  • Unemployed
  • Job holder
  • Mentor
  • Housewife
  • Startup
  • Businessmen
  • Anyone

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can work from almost anywhere and anytime depends on type of business you are doing marketing for.

The only thing everyone must have is the zeal to learn and improve.

Mostly the “desire to learn” is the important thing you must get habituated to.

It’s the passion and desire that drives you to learn and do the things in a very efficient way.

Without this skill, you cannot move forward or cannot push yourself to come out of your comfort zone and succeed.

How will you be paid?

Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing is one of a kind where you will be paid during this internship only if you have completed and submitted the assignments given on time.

Every week there will be one live webinar where Digital Deepak will be explaining the topic clearly and in-depth.

After that session there will be assignment webinar where you will be asked to do the assignment with the knowledge you learnt.

They will give us deadline to complete and submit the assignment. You will earn the cashback only if you submit the assignment within the deadline.

After the Internship, what next?

Once you learn the basics of digital marketing through this internship, you can choose the career options of getting job, digital freelancing, blogging, digital mentoring etc.

You will gain so much confidence once you complete the internship.

You will get more opportunities in the middle of the internship program itself, as this program is designed like that.

Your assignment tasks make you push yourself and implement the skills learnt.

Do not think about the internship fee, instead think about how much knowledge you can grasp from India’s Top Digital Marketer Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak.

Think the internship fee as an investment.

You will get all the invested money back only if you implement in the assignments, what you had learnt in the internship.

If you are in the top 100 interns, you will be given bonus amount that is extra amount apart from the assignments amount.

So technically the Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing is free.



I had mentioned everything that is related to Digital Deepak Internship Program on Digital Marketing and my personal review on this program as well.

I can guarantee you that this internship program is much more worthy than an MBA course because in this program you will get to know each aspect involved in business and communication skills.

My personal opinion is you join this internship with some investment on yourself which will get back in the form of cashbacks through assignments.

You will get motivated, you can improve your network, you can improve your communication skills, you can gain confidence in giving presentations and you can be a master in your circle.

There are so many advantages in this program and if you want to utilize it, you have to work hard to gain skills and implement it in your project.

Make use of this opportunity.

Invest the amount and learn Digital Marketing.

You are going to transform yourself and push yourself to come out of your comfort zone to excel in this field.

Your communication skills are the ultimate skills that are much more needed to get yourself in online presence, gathering people and making a tribe of your own, giving online presentations and drive traffic to your blog,

create a product and make people avail the product, for everything your communication skills are the pillars to lay the strong foundation.

There are so many advantages in this program and if you want to utilize it, you have to work hard to gain skills and implement it in your project.

Make use of this opportunity.

Invest the amount and learn Digital Marketing.

You are going to transform yourself and push yourself to come out of your comfort zone to excel in this field.

Grab this golden opportunity and take your turn to transform yourself and your career.

Click on the below link to apply for the internship program.


This is a one time opportunity.

Try to grab this opportunity and utilize the time in learning the skills to move forward in the career.


Reviews About Digital Deepak

Rita Behl
Rita Behl
Deepak Sir is" A Class" mentor. His teaching is very interesting and effective. He is also a good inspirator and he is also a good human being always ready to support others. May God always shower his blessing to him.
Deepanshi Malik
Deepanshi Malik
The google add Program was very nice and I learned a lot through this class. The way of teaching student was very good and best part is I can ask you the question at the same time and we receive your reply immediately.
Gopi Krishna
Gopi Krishna
1) The webinar on various channels on social ads and others are highly useful. 2) He has got a indepth knowledge on digital marketing. 3) Internship programme conducted by him is fantabulous and very useful on cash back basis . By submitting the assignments, students will get cash up which will boost the students to learn much more about DM. He supports all the students for their queries. 4) If webinar is missed by the students, recorded sessions will be given so that audience can watch the videos in the youtube. 5) He explains how to do the facebook ads, google ads, lead marketing, e mail marketing duly showing his own website how he does it for his website in a simple English which every layman can understand easily. 5) A person after going thru the webinar, blogs in his website, can acquire vast and indepth knowledge. Digital Deepak programmes are really wonderfully. He, who strictly follows his teachings and focus on learning Digital marketing, really can become Digital Marketing expert. Recommend to join internship programme of Digital Deepak , learn Digital Marketing(DM) and be rising star in DM. THANK YOU DEEPAKJI FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WEBINARS, BLOGS AND YOUTUBES.
Digital Deepak sir is a very good digital market and Mentor. He is giving Good value to us. Digital Deepak Internship Program is very good Internship Program and giving full knowledge about Digital Marketing. I recommend to all who want to learn Digital Marketing for freelancing or for own business, you can join Digital Deepak Internship Program.
Muhammad Junaid
Muhammad Junaid
He has a decent knowledge of digital marketing as much I came to know by attaining his webinars. I have never attained any other webinars related to digital marketing, I am new to digital marketing, so you cannot judge anything until have good understanding on that topic. I am part of his internship program of Batch 7, till now nothing big is turning around as I have just started, it is week 2. Lets see comes ahead. Till now it feels that it would be great learning ahead.
Hashim M A
Hashim M A
I have taken 2 of his courses which are professionally structured & easy to follow. Whenever he interact with people, he tries to give them good value. I strongly recommend his courses on Digital Marketing. keep up the good work!
Ruth Kappo
Ruth Kappo
This was my first time attending the webinar Hosted by sir #DEEPAK .. I can tell his explanation are clear even though I don't have much knowledge about digital marketing. Therefore I'm trying to LEARN MORE and attend his programs more to keep myself updating and learn more through him(sir DEEPAK )🤩
nifa francis
nifa francis
Digital Deepak is an amazing mentor. His webinars are very interesting. Looking forward for more interesting webinars.
Divyesh Rana
Divyesh Rana
Digital Deepak is a top Digital Marketing expert in India. I learn a lot from him and right now I am a part of my Internship batch 6. it completely pooling me out of my comfort zone with every task completion.. Thanks Deepak Sir.
Chaitra Chaitrag
Chaitra Chaitrag
Curious to learn through Webinar, thanks for digital Deepak .

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