Welcome to svnzone.

This is my first blog post in svnzone and let me tell you what this blog is about and what posts I am going to write about.

I started learning digital marketing and word press web designing since a year and started writing blog posts in other social media platforms.

When I get the basics of digital marketing completely, I started owning a blog now.

Having a blog is important for every digital marketer and I am going to tell you how to start a blog and what needs to be done for owning a blog.

After getting a blog start writing some content on a daily basis for good visibility of our blog online.

Online presence is much more important to stand out of the competition.

This blog can make a way in finding opportunities.

Try to express your views on any topic that interests you in your blog.

Many people are searching here and there for opportunities and this can be a game-changer for them.

Not only for them, for employed people who want to shift their career into digital marketing,

homemakers who want to earn money on their own staying at home,

people who want to establish their brands and improve their personal brand, anyone can learn and implement.

I created subdomains to write an article on other topics which I am interested in.



In this, I wrote articles about the awareness of blood donations.

I am a regular blood donor and try to motivate people and bring awareness in them through my articles.

Donating blood is a very noble thing, it helps the needy in emergencies and regular blood donation helps you too in terms of health.

You can find the best donors tab on the homepage of this blog.


Another one is SELF HELP.

In this, I wrote articles on health-related articles. Everyone must follow a healthy lifestyle and with an intention to make awareness, I am writing some articles.

Help the society to help yourself. Be a helping hand to your extent and cultivate the habit.


SVN ZONE is created with main focus on digital marketing and word press website designing.

Will come up with latest topics that are in demand in market.

Main content is mostly on blogging basics and other digital marketing modules.

I will try to make videos on how to make a blog and will post the links in my articles. You can go through my blog for updates.

I will be writing some articles about word press that are not known to many people and you can check my articles and learn about word press.

If you are struggling to find a job and worrying that you wasted a lot of time doing nothing, start now.

Do not worry about the past. Think about what can be done at present to make the future memorable.

You can do that interests you and you can be a helping hand to others as well.

We have that capability. The only thing is we need to dig that skill from inside us.

Be confident and don’t lose hope.

If you think you are right, then you are right.

If you think you are wrong, then you are wrong.

Thinking in right direction makes us confident.

Be passionate about learning new skills. Have the patience to get the results of your implementation.

Being persistent to stick a plan and doing consistently is called perseverance.

Have perseverance in doing things without thinking about results and you will surely get the results you desired.

Thank you so much for reading this post and stay tuned for updates.



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